Testimonials: with Withings and LoseIt

June 4, 2013

After RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal, here are some more testimonials of Withings users, who combine our devices with a partner app to create the personalized health tracking solution that best suits their needs. This time we’re talking about LoseIt!. Are you into calorie tracking? Weight loss? Working on your fitness? Trying to log your trainings? “There’s an app for that™”, as Apple’s catchphrase says. Thank you John, Marc and Courtney for sharing your experience 😉



I started my fitness journey in January 2011, but didn’t get my scale until December that year. I started using the LoseIt app just before I got rid of my FitBit, about April 2012 or so. One of the reasons I chose it was the Withings integration.

The interface is easy to use and intuitive, and the barcode scanner makes adding new foods simple.

The Withings tie-in is really great, because you can set goals within the app: when you weigh yourself, the app syncs with the Withings site data and adjusts your calorie requirements automatically. This has been great for making sure that I’m on track and not exceeding my calories for any given day.

Thanks again for offering such an awesome suite of products; really looking forward to the Activity Monitor coming out soon! 🙂

John Bergquist, Philomath (OR), USA.








My Withings scale has been a life changer. Normal/traditional scales don’t record your progress and give you a visual depiction of your success. The Withings scale does. Paired with the LoseIt! app, they guide my tracking of weight, body fat, and overall health.

I also use the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor, Zeo sleep monitor and Runkeeper and have seen tremendous results and improvement in all aspects of my health.

Cannot wait for the new Activity Tracker to help consolidate the Zeo and Runkeeper. Less is better.

Only a couple of minor requests, bring the LoseIt! nutrition tracking and Lumosity Brain Trainer into the mix to complete the entire picture of health, physical and mental well-being, the butterfly has the space.

Your products have been an amazing part of my transformation from a 350 lb ex-NFL lineman to a 270 lb happy and healthy husband and dad.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.

Marc Lamb, USA.




I have been eyeing the Withings scale for over a year, entering every Withings Facebook contest with all the hope and faith I could muster, monitoring every sale, putting aside money. I’m so happy to say I finally purchased a beautiful pearly white Wi-Fi Body Scale last week, and it has been everything I expected and more. It’s may sound a bit dramatic, but for someone who’s a tech-addict and aspiring health-junkie, getting on my scale every morning is one of the biggest highlights of my day. I love seeing that large, bright, LCD screen pop on and watching my weight drop more and more each day. Knowing I have that number to look forward to everyday has been a constant motivation for encouraging proper diet and exercise.

Getting on my scale every morning is one of the biggest highlights of my day.

On a technical note, this is the first product I have purchased in years where I don’t have a “Wish List” of features I hope are implemented in future updates. I spend lots of time writing emails to tech companies requesting updates and changes in future models, often things that shouldn’t have ever been overlooked or missed. I can’t think of a single feature on the scale or on my Dashboard interface that isn’t already present. I use a lot of fitness apps, and it is truly one of the major features that drew me to the Withings scale. I have my scale connected to MyFitnessPal, LoseIt, Runkeeper, and the awesome Withings Health Mate app (which is a whole separate topic of amazingness. I LOVE the UI/UX of the app).

I gained a lot of weight last year, and decided to start my journey this year. I have dropped 27 pounds since January 28th 2013. The last several pounds have all been since I started using my Withings scale this week.

I think Withings is a wonderful company and I know a lot of hard work, research, and dedication goes into making your products and they are well worth every dollar. I really look forward to seeing the future of products from you guys and I am super excited to see such wonderful reviews of the Smart Body Analyzer.

Courtney Jones, Brooklyn Park (MD) USA.

Susie Felber

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