The Withings Pulse: what it does and why people are excited

June 17, 2013

Ignition sequence start! As we kick off the Withings Pulse‘s launch schedule – starting with the pre-orders on our website – we asked our community why they have been eager to get their hands on the Pulse. Some already have one of our famous Internet-connected scales or our Blood Pressure Monitor and they want to self track another aspect of their health, others are already into activity trackers but want to check out the Withings Pulse because of its features.


What does the Withings Pulse do?

The Withings Pulse is a smart tracker designed to monitor your activity 24/7, measure your heart rate and improve your health.

  • See how active you really are and compare it to the World Health Organization‘s “10,000 steps a day” recommendation to stay healthy.
  • Analyze your sleep (see how long you sleep, how long it takes you to fall asleep, how many times you woke up and the different deep and light sleep cycles). For this the Withings Pulse comes with a sleep wristband.
  • Measure your instant heart rate. Place you finger on the back and wait a few seconds. Ta-da! Discover your pulse!



How can such a small device change things big time?

Many who try to be more careful with their weight give up after some time. Most of the time this is due to a shortage of motivation. By sparing your motivation the Withings Pulse and the free Health Mate app will help you keep you good resolutions and care more for what you care for. The Pulse will show you that small changes in your daily habits – like walking to the grocery store or running that extra mile – can have big effects. Forget setting yourself unachievable targets. Let the Withings health tracking solution and ecosystem show you the way to healthy. The day you start tracking, and decide to stop guessing, you will benefit from accurate data and relevant insights to achieve the lifestyle change you’ve been longing for.



What can you learn from self health tracking ?

By comparing your activity, sleep and weight history, you will be more aware of how you body works. Use the Health Mate app to log you food too (thanks to MyFitnessPal). You will see how sleep impacts your weight (ex.: lack of sleep eases weight gain), how your afternoon coffee prevents you from falling asleep, how the quality of your sleep is improved when you exercise the previous day… Look at the in-app graphs: see the trends, see the peaks and troughs, see the correlations, see how long you REALLY slept 😉 Our app will let you know where you’re at and what to do to be healthy, through relevant tips and reminders, directly on your smartphone or tablet.



How do I use the Withings Pulse?

1. Step one: collecting the data

The Pulse was designed to follow you through your day, and even through your nights. The goal is to have a clear image of your activity or lack of activity, but also to know if you sleep enough and the quality of those Zzzzs.

Take the Pulse with you at all times. Drop it in your pocket or in you bag. If you’re lightly dressed or don’t have pockets – no problem! – fit the Pulse in its silicone-metal clip and wear it anywhere you want.

At night, place the Pulse in the sleep wristband and launch the sleep analysis – you’ll wake up to a rich graph highlighting key sleep indicators inside the Health Mate app!




2. Step two: syncing with the Health Mate app

The Withings Pulse automatically syncs to your smartphone or tablet throughout the day. The data is then available in the dedicated web and mobile apps (iOS and Android). Your activity data is now searchable whenever and wherever you need it.



2. Step three: see the patterns

The free Withings Health Mate app takes those raw numbers and turns them into easy to read graphs showing trends. You can also visualize your day-to-day progress, which is great to stay motivated. With the Pulse and the Health Mate app you now have the right tools to understand how your body works, make good decisions accordingly and get healthy.



Why do people want the Withings Pulse?

Hi there… My wife and I are 41 + 50 respectively… and dedicated speed-walkers/runners… for health purposes.  We would love to get pulses to be the first to sport in Canada and to share with our friends.  We track all on Withings now and this and huge added bonus to monitor our well-being!  🙂 Take care.

Russ & Angela (Canada)



I’d like one to kick start my fitness again. I have a withings scale and find it great for tracking weight and fat mass. However an accident last year meant a broken rib and chipped neck vertebrae meaning my weight has ballooned and fitness is poor. I’m just starting out walking 3 miles a day to the train station and back for commuting and looking to start jogging with an aim to run the London Marathon next year, having completed it in 2010. This would be great for tracking my return to fitness and a great bonus to my life.

Andy Jones



I have been looking at body/fitness trackers for a while, and was super excited to see the Pulse!  I cant wait to try it!  The heart rate monitor makes it a standout with its competition!! I cant wait!

Valerie Sanchez (San Diego, CA, USA)







I would love a Pulse! The tracking really interests me. The Pulse would go well with the data I get from my Withings WiFi scale. A few months ago I decided to do something about my weight.  My BMI had just pushed me into the “Obese” range.  I found myself unable to keep up with my 6-year-old daughter, and this depressed me.  So, I decided to do something about it! I bought a Withings scale (not the latest one with the air quality monitor – it wasn’t available yet) and started changing my diet and my exercise routine.  I LOVE that I can see my weight go down on a graph, and my body fat percentage drop as well. I would LOVE to have a Pulse to track my steps, distance, sleep, and especially my heart rate when I work out. So, that is why I would love a Pulse!

Michael Wells



I’d like the Withings Pulse because I am ADDICTED to tracking fitness!! I love my Withings scale and love tracking my weight and fat percentage on it. I use Fitocracy to track my workouts and MyFitnessPal to track my food. I tried the Fitbit Flex but was not thrilled with it’s lack of of integration to other trackers. I love tracking but not spending my whole life tracking. That’s not healthy 😉 The Withings pulse being integrated into the Withings app on my phone will make adding yet another layer of fitness tracking into my already obsessive tracking regimen super easy with no added hassle!

Gregg Keefer (Jacksonville, FL, USA)


I already have the WiFi scale and would love to try out the Pulse Tracker.  I am on my feet all day work and would love to see how much energy I actually use!  Thanks and keep up the good work!

Tom Mikl (Eustis, FL, USA)


I have used practically every brand of step tracker out there, and while they seem to get the job done, my Withings scale has been the absolute best product in my getting in shape arsenal. I can only imagine the care and quality you have put into the Withings Pulse product. I am highly anticipating the release of the Pulse, and can’t wait to hear more!

Matt Mueller






I have both a Withings Blood Pressure Monitor, and Smart Body Analyzer, I have used a FitBit, then a Jawbone UP, but would love to be able to keep all my health data in one place, I have already had a HUGE change in my lifestyle and weight in just the few short weeks with the Smart Body Analyzer (I am down 10 pounds on my way to my goal of losing 50 pounds). Prior to buying my Smart Body Analyzer I had decided to go for gastric bypass surgery, but after seeing a Smart Body Analyzer in action and the knowledge of the upcoming Pulse I decided to take control of my health and forego the surgery and lose it by using Withings products to keep me accountable. I truly get excited to weigh in every morning to see my progress.I can only imagine it getting better by adding a Pulse to the mix. Thanks for making such great products!

Jeremiah Owen



I would love a Pulse! I have recently gone from overweight mom to fit dance / bootcamp instructor! I love my job, but I also love setting a good example for the students at the studio! One of the things I’ve been trying to really highlight is that health is not just about the number on the scale, or how you look in clothes – it’s about weight, performance, nutrition and quality sleep. I’m amazed how some of our women will take the time out of their day to get a 1 hour workout, but when I talk to them about getting better sleep, they don’t think it’s a priority. The Pulse would be a great tool to show how all facets of health work together. Thanks!

Jen Thompson




Hey Withings-Team! I just wanted to thank you for your work. I think Withings is one of the few QS-Companies that give the possibility to export data wherever you want. I’d love to try out your new Pulse as well, because I expect the same quality as the scale already has. Hopefully you learned from the market and the pros and cons of the devices of your competitors and present a good product! As a customer you have the feeling that you listen to our needs – especially the support on Facebook sometimes is faster than you could expect. So go on with that good work in Europe! Best regards from Germany.

Thomas Hummel (Germany)




Hi ! I am 22 years girl, i am from Denmark and my BMI is over 32 :(. I bought your smart body analyzer so that i can follow my weight loss, and it is a big help. Now i just need something like Pulse, to measure my steps, my heart rate and so on, so I can see how much i can eat everyday to optimize my weight loss.

Another reason why i would like the pulse is because I sleep very bad, and often wake up a lot of times during the night, and with pulse I can see a bit what happens.
I am a student, during my bachelor and haven’t got a lot of money, but i would really like to have a Withings pulse. Greetings.
Birgitte Villadsen (Denmark)

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