9 days left to contribute to Scanadu Scout, the first medical Tricorder

July 10, 2013
Of all the “Connected health” devices, apps and visions, the Scanadu Scout appears to be among the ones with the most potential. We can already tell you that they will integrate the Withings scales in their health monitoring solution!
Making it happen
For the moment you will find the Scanadu Scout on IndieGogo, as it is in the final straight of their crowdfunding effort. Have you seen their video presentation? It’s very promising. It seems like we are not the only ones to believe it: they have already reached $1,351,021 on the flexible funding platform.


Did you know the word “Tricorder” comes from Star Trek?
In the famous TV series a Tricorder is an all-in-one smartphone type product, rigged with sensors and recorders. These devices are used to “see the invisible”, or at least measure things the human eye can’t see.  And there are different kinds of tricorders – the one Scanadu is referring to is the Medical Tricorder.

What does the Scout do?
As described by Scanadu, the Scout is “a medical grade Tricorder using your smartphone and Bluetooth LE to emulate an Emergency Room in your pocket”.

Get yours now!
Are you excited about the Scout from Scanadu?
See on the right side of their IndieGogo page? This is where you can pick a contribution. There are different packages, depending on your means.


Susie Felber

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