The Withings Advent Calendar to anticipate Christmas (part 2)

December 7, 2013

Here are some more “windows” to open while we are all waiting for Santa to pop through the chimney. This Withings Advent Calendar promises a new surprise every day, so… without further ado… Read below to discover what we’ve thought up for you.



Saturday December 7th 2013

Today’s surprise is… A bag of badges! Be one of the first 3 Withingers to do the 3 following actions, and you will receive a selection of actual Withings Activity Badges (not the virtual ones!):

  • Post a tweet that ryhmes and ends with #TakeYourPulse.
  • Share this blog post on Facebook.
  • Send us an email telling us what you like the most about your Withings device(s):





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