The Withings Christmas Advent Calendar (part 3)

December 9, 2013

The surprises keep on popping up! Make sure you come back every day in December, to discover what is hidden behind the windows of our Advent Calendar: discount codes, tips, contests and challenges… And don’t forget about our ongoing Top Fans Facebook contest!



Sunday December 8th 2013

On this December Sunday, when stores are seriously starting to fill up with frantic Christmas shoppers, we decided to take a step back and look at the existing Withings products. Here are some tips for the Smart Baby Monitor, the Smart Body Analyzer:


1. Smart Baby Monitor

  • You can share a picture of your baby with his growth information on Facebook and TwitterHOW? You just need to click on your baby ‘s picture and select on the social media icon of your choice.
  • You can access a 15 min history of noise and movement level. HOW? In the video screen, there is a button on the top right with bar chart. Just click on it and you will see what happened the last 15 min!



2. Smart Body Analyzer

  • The default setting of the WS-50 is to auto-calibrate every time the scale is moved or touched. Therefor, you should wait 4 seconds after moving/touching the Smart Body Analyzerbefore you step on it.
  • The WS-50 can be cleaned using a soft (non abrasive) damp cloth to clean the top glass plate. A dirty plate can be the cause of impedance measurement problems. WARNING Use of an abrasive cloth can cause irreversible damage to your scale.



Monday December 9th 2013

Here’s the stop-motion animated film we released to spread the good word of knowing your body. This is not about being beautiful or matching certain academic standards. It’s about listening to your body. What do you think of the video?



Tuesday December 10th 2013

To discover today’s surprise, click here 😉



Wednesday December 11th 2013

As Christmas approaches, we open a new window of the Withings Advent Calendar. Here are a few tips:

1. Withings Pulse tip

If your Withings Pulse went through your washing machine, or you left it in the rain/morning dew, or if it fell into a puddle… You can start to worry as the Pulse is not waterproof. The Pulse is weatherproof and will resist normal usage conditions. Still! Maybe there is a chance your activity tracker will come out unharmed from this incident.

  • Place it into a bowl of dry rice for 24 hours. This will help to extract moisture that remains inside of the device.
  • After 24 hours charge your Pulse using the included micro USB cable.
  • Press the button on the Pulse and if the screen lights up your tracker should work normally again.


2. Withings Health Mate app

In the Health Mate app  you can switch between Daily and Weekly views by tapping on top of the graph (see the red circles). On the Weekly view the lightly colored columns represent last week’s activity levels, so you can compare your current week’s level with your previous performance. This should keep you motivated!




Thursday December 12th 2013

Did you know the Withings ecosystem is +100 partners wide? Of course some of them are household names like MyFitnessPal (with whom we just extended our partnership!), RunKeeper (one of the most popular activity tracking apps), LoseIt!… But some others deserve to be better known:

IFTTT – We love how you can create causality links where your Withings devices act as triggers, unleashing a predetermined action. And there are so many possibilities! It’s endless! Make sure you check out the list of existing recipes that include a Withings trigger. You should also try to get your hands dirty and imagine your own recipe.


DietBet – We just hosted a weight loss challenge on DietBet. It is now over, but we think that if you haven’t heard of this partner and are interested in losing weight, you should definitely check them out. The rules are simple:

1. First you choose a challenge (there are several of them, with some differences), For example: “lose 4% of your weight in 4 weeks”.

2. You put a certain amount of money in the pot. Say 20 or 30 dollars.

3. Then you submit a photo of you on a scale at the beginning of the challenge. If you own a Withings scale of course this step is made easier! You just link you accounts and your weight will be automatically sent to DietBet.

4. Try to lose weight. Get advice, interact with the other participants…

5. After a final weight submission, the successful contestants get to share the pot!




Friday December 13th 2013

Considering the bad rep of Friday the 13th, it would make sense to be afraid to open today’s window… This is why we decided to offset the superstition with a bunch of free codes to receive the Withings Pulse colorful clips free of charge! Enjoy!



Saturday December 14th 2013

Surprise! Today we chose to hand you a special Christmas video 😉 By the way, have you started shopping for Christmas?



Sunday December 15th 2013

10 days to Christmas! The final countdown has started! Here are a few tips to use in the free Health Mate app.

Passcode – Use this feature to put your body data in a safe place. Imagine loosing your smartphone or tablet… If you didn’t set up a passcode to unlock the home screen, the thief will have access to your weight graph, your BP readings.

  1. Go into the left side menu (tap on the “3 line” button in the left hand top corner of the screen).
  2. Go into “Settings”.
  3. Scroll to the bottom.
  4. Switch on the Passcode button
  5. Choose a passcode and validate it.
  6. That’s it! Every time you will open the Health Mate app, you will be asked to type your code.


Reminders – Create different kinds of warnings to be reminded of something healthy. Note: this is independent For example:

  1. Measure my BP – Choose this reminder to be sure to remember to take your blood pressure at the same time, regularly. This makes sense as it is advised to measure this body data in the same conditions, at the same time of the day, to get the most relevant measurements.
  2. Weigh in – It is important to step on your scale from time to time. Not necessarily every day, but studies have shown that if you do it 4-7 times a week, you are more likely to achieve your short-term weight loss goal.
  3. Exercise – Set up a reminder to go out and get active! Choose a day and a time… This way when you smartphone will vibrate and tell you to “Exercise”, you will remember that what you really want is to get healthier. You’d be surprised how being confronted with your own wishes, at the exact time when this “reality check” is needed, can make a change.
  4. Sleep well – This reminder is probably more important than you think. Today’s high-speed world doesn’t consider sleeping as vital as it should. Getting a good night’s sleep is almost a luxury. Set up an alarm to be reminded to go to bed early enough to feel great the next morning. You can choose to get this reminder every weekday for example.








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