The Withings Advent Calendar to anticipate Christmas (part 4)

December 16, 2013

10 days to go! It is really starting to feel like Christmas! Continue to follow the Withings Advent Calendar: come back every day to discover a new surprise. what would you like to find on the 24th of December?



Saturday December 14th 2013

Surprise! Today we chose to hand you a special Christmas video 😉 By the way, have you started shopping for Christmas?


Sunday December 15th 2013

10 days to Christmas! The final countdown has started! Here are a few tips to use in the freeHealth Mate app.

Passcode – Use this feature to put your body data in a safe place. Imagine loosing your smartphone or tablet… If you didn’t set up a passcode to unlock the home screen, the thief will have access to your weight graph, your BP readings.

  1. Go into the left side menu (tap on the “3 line” button in the left hand top corner of the screen).
  2. Go into “Settings”.
  3. Scroll to the bottom.
  4. Switch on the Passcode button
  5. Choose a passcode and validate it.
  6. That’s it! Every time you will open the Health Mate app, you will be asked to type your code.


Reminders – Create different kinds of warnings to be reminded of something healthy. Note: this is independent For example:

  1. Measure my BP – Choose this reminder to be sure to remember to take your blood pressure at the same time, regularly. This makes sense as it is advised to measure this body data in the same conditions, at the same time of the day, to get the most relevant measurements.
  2. Weigh in – It is important to step on your scale from time to time. Not necessarily every day, but studies have shown that if you do it 4-7 times a week, you are more likely to achieve your short-term weight loss goal.
  3. Exercise – Set up a reminder to go out and get active! Choose a day and a time… This way when you smartphone will vibrate and tell you to “Exercise”, you will remember that what you really want is to get healthier. You’d be surprised how being confronted with your own wishes, at the exact time when this “reality check” is needed, can make a change.
  4. Sleep well – This reminder is probably more important than you think. Today’s high-speed world doesn’t consider sleeping as vital as it should. Getting a good night’s sleep is almost a luxury. Set up an alarm to be reminded to go to bed early enough to feel great the next morning. You can choose to get this reminder every weekday for example.



Monday December 16th 2013

Daft Punk meets the Smart Body Analyzer!







Tuesday December 17th 2013

Have you already seen this video? It’s fun and it’s about weighing








Wednesday December 18th 2013


How to unsuccessfully trick you scale into thinking that you are lighter than what you actually weigh?
• Pump helium into your clothes. Why that won’t work.
• Lean towards one of the edges of the scale. Why this won’t work.
• Pretend to be someone else. Why that won’t work (look for point #14).


















Thursday December 19th 2013



Take a few minutes to watch “Kids in the City – Weigh Scale”. This inspirational video is about Sori, a 14-year-old kid who pays for his schooling weighing people in the streets Phnom Penh, the Cambodian capital.




Friday December 20th 2013



Do you know IFTTT? IFTTT is great! It “puts the Internet to work for you” as they say. Today’s surprise is the launch of a new Withings Trigger on IFTTT! You can now set up new kinds of causality links, based on this new trigger. When your weight surpasses a chosen threshold, you can now decide to trigger a predetermined action. For example, if your weight rises above 80kg, you can decide to automatically schedule a workout session… or lock your fridge. Learn more about IFTTT.



Saturday December 21st 2013



Today’s surprise is a tip on how to use your Withings smart scale.

Did you know you fat mass varies  noticeably in the first minutes when you get out of bed? While your body shifts from lying to a standing position, the liquids that compose your body move around – they were more or less homogeneously distributed when you were in bed, they suddenly start accumulating in the lower parts of the body once you stand up. This usually takes around 30 minutes to stabilize.

As the algorithm analyzing the variations of the electrical current is based on the assumption that you have a “stand up” water distribution, for the most accurate body composition we advise you to wait a little bit before measuring your lean mass /fat mass ratio.

Of course, if you weigh in in the exact same conditions day in day out you still get relevant data – you can look at the trend line to know how your efforts impact your health.




Sunday December 22nd 2013



As Christmas is seriously getting closer, we hand you a selection of the funniest stories and photos shared by Withingers on social networks.
• First of all pets love the Withings scales! And these 3 photos to the left show that it’s not a cat or dog thing 🙂
•On the right, discover that there are other kinds of “Unkown measure” sources 🙂
















Monday December 23rd 2013



Two more days to take advantage of our Christmas Offers! Have you visited our special dedicated page? We have a bundle for everyone! You might very well find that last minute healthy gift you are looking for 🙂







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