The white Smart Body Analyzer has arrived!

December 27, 2013

We are pleased to announce that a white version of our Smart Body Analyzer product is now available for order on Since the end of life of our original Wi-Fi body scale, our premium scale was no longer available in White. Although numbers show the black color is much more popular, the availability of a white version was a frequent request from our users since the launch of WS-50.

Make it a white Christmas!

This product starts as an exclusivity of the Withingsweb store. Note: once you clicked on this link, check that you are in the right region: switch to your language in the lower right hand corner.


Have a white interior?

Please join us to welcome the white Smart Body Analyzer to the Withings family! 🙂

Most people put their scale in their bathroom (hence the term “bathroom scale”).

But since the release of the Smart Body Analyzer WS-50, with its indoor air quality monitoring skills, we explained that it can also be relevant to place your Withings scale in your bedroom, a rather confined space where you spend roughly one third of your life.

Here are 3 different bedrooms, whose white and lightly colored tones point at the white WS-50.

Hope you’ll like it! I know some of you were eagerly waiting for this white scale.


Share your story

Do you have such a white bedroom? Did you have the white Wi-Fi Body Scale? Still using it? Please share photos and experience with the community (



Read more about the WS-50






Celebrity comments



In a Lifehacker interview (November 2012), Chris Anderson, former editor-in-chif of WIRED Magazine (until 2012) answered the question “Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can’t you live without?” with the following words:

“I’m not much of a gadget geek, but I do love my iPad and Nike Fuelband. And our Withings wifi scale.”



During a Google I/O conference in San Francisco in May 2013, Larry Page, Google co-founder, said:

“I recently got a scale, and it measures air quality. And uploads it to the Internet. That’s amazing!”



In a recent tweet Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey stated the following:

“Meeting with Withings and JDBlanc. I LOVE this wiscale product. Amazing. They just gave me one!”




A couple of months ago, Ben Greenfield – coach, author, speaker and athlete – made a video listing 5 tips for fast physical recovery after training:

“Withings makes the best scales. They are known to make the best scales.”



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