High accuracy scales – Why the Withings scales are the most accurate

January 14, 2014

As the inventors of the first connected scale we are committed to keep on improving the whole family’s weigh routine. And we have indeed gradually added systems and new features that ensure our scales stay ahead in terms of precision and accuracy. Let’s go through these points of differences that benefit you, the consumer.



1. Position Control™ – to avoid posture-induced measurement errors

Have you noticed how leaning from side to side or shifting your weight from your toes to your heels, while you are weighing in, affects the measurement?

On a regular scale (whether it’s connected or not), if you don’t make sure you are standing in an upright position, the weight displayed will be off. And it is almost impossible to know for sure that you are not significantly leaning in a certain direction…

This is where Withings‘ patented Position Control technology comes in handy. It enables the scale to tell you if you are not in an upright position and to wait until you correct your posture before initiating the actual weigh in.

To the best of our knowledge, no other consumer scale has an equivalent system. Click here to learn more.

2. Gravity compensation – for accurate readings wherever you are

As the Earth is not perfectly spherical and does not have a uniform geological composition, the strength of Earth’s gravity on its surface varies a little bit from one place to the other.

Once they are manufactured, consumer scales are calibrated on the spot, in the factory, before getting shipped all over the world. And of course they are calibrated (once for all!) using the value of the local gravitational acceleration. So unless you live in a place that has the same gravity, the readings these scales provide will be off.

This is why we geolocate our scales and compensate for gravity variations across the world. We are able to do it via the Wi-Fi network to which you connected your scale to.

Example: with a classic scale that doesn’t have this feature, a person weighing 200 kg (440 lbs) will get different results depending on where she weighs in. The variations can amount to more or less 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs). How are you supposed to know which reading is your actual weight?

With the Wireless Scale and the Smart Body Analyzer, wherever you step on your scale in the world, your weight reading will be consistent. This means you may use your Withings scale both in Miami and Vancouver, and still have precise readings.

3. Ground clearance – to avoid biased measures

To weigh properly a scale needs to be placed on a flat surface, and besides the four feet, its bottom should not touch the ground, even when someone steps on it. Withings has taken this into account:

  • The Withings scales’ 4 feet are rather taller than those of their competitors, keeping the bottom away from the ground.
  • The Withings scales also come with 4 carpeted feet. Clip them onto the regular feet if you place your scale on a carpet (in your bedroom for example).

4. Big bright screen – to facilitate the reading of your measurements

Not only did we build the Withings scales to weigh you with high-accuracy, we’ve also made sure the screen of the Smart Body Analyzer is comfortable to read your measurements. The large backlit digital display of both the Wireless Scale and the Smart Body Analyzer is therefor very readable.


BONUS – Celebrity comments


In a Lifehacker interview (November 2012), Chris Anderson, former editor-in-chif ofWIRED Magazine (until 2012) answered the question “Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can’t you live without?” with the following words:

“I’m not much of a gadget geek, but I do love my iPad and Nike Fuelband. And our Withings wifi scale.”


During a Google I/O conference in San Francisco in May 2013, Larry Page, Google co-founder, said:

“I recently got a scale, and it measures air quality. And uploads it to the Internet. That’s amazing!”


In a tweet Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey stated the following:

“Meeting with Withings and JDBlanc. I LOVE this wiscale product. Amazing. They just gave me one!”



Microsoft’s HealthVault guru recently sent us this message:

“Almost four years ago now I got my Withings scale, and it’s working like a champ today — incredibly solid and well-built product.”


A couple of months ago, Ben Greenfield – coach, author, speaker and athlete – made a video listing 5 tips for fast physical recovery after training where he mentions the Withings scales:

“Withings makes the best scales. They are known to make the best scales.”



Want to know the differences between our entry-level scale, the Wireless Scale, and our flagship scale, the Smart Body Analyzer?