MapMyFitness added to the Withings ecosystem

May 19, 2014

When it comes to tracking your fitness training, MapMyFitness is one of the most popular apps. This is why we are thrilled to let you know about our new partnership with them!

MapMyFitness enables you to use the built-in GPS of your mobile device to track all of your fitness activities (600 types listed). Record your workout details, including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned, and route traveled on an interactive map. You can save and upload your workout data to MapMyFitness where you can view your route workout data, and comprehensive workout history.


Track your activity, map your route and find new ones

MapMyFitness apps As you run, walk or anything else, MapMyFitness is recording your GPS location and draws your route. Looking for new routes? MapMyFitness has also over 70 million routes to choose from!

Go further with food logging and friends

Because tracking your activity is only the half-way into a more healthy living, MapMyFitness allows you to log your food and tracks your calorie intakes.

More than that, you are able to add friends and enjoy the positive peer pressure.


Withings integration

You can now connect  your Withings and MapMyFitness accounts, and have your weight and activity data (steps, calories and distance) synced automatically. This is great news if you already have Withings devices and you want to track your fitness activities. Connect MapMyFitness to Withings now to make sure you never miss a fitness session!

Create an account or connect now here

Susie Felber

Susie is a writer and producer who has worked in nearly every medium. As the daughter of a hard-working M.D., she's had a lifelong interest in health and is proud that she continues to lower her 5k time as she ages.
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