The Purr-fect Healthy Lifestyle (Warning! Cats Overload)

August 8, 2014

1. Have a lot of healthy food (and loads of cuteness)

cats and food

2. Stretch your paws

cat on a mat

3. Train like Ali

cat boxing

4. Avoid overeating (treat your cat instead) 

cat diet5. Try yoga

Cat yoga6. Lift some weight


7. Hit the treadmill (not like the black cat please)

cat on a treadmill8. Enjoy a massage from time to time

kitty_massage9. Group fitness activities are quite efficient for motivation

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 1.43.37 PM10. Train like if you’d have to skydive from the stratosphere

stratoscat11. Train to 90s workouts

tumblr_lpetx6Bl2q1qmvo0go1_50012. Some skateboarding is good for your balance

tumblr_mzqi4q081y1qdlh1io1_40013. Ping…pong…ping…pong…ping

Ping_pong_cat14. Walk 30 minutes a day (it’s better to do that outside though)

tumblr_n9tfjqPAmp1tgmzako1_40015. Train to improve your balance

tumblr_n9ue3tEx2w1tfk8w3o1_40016. Avoid junk food! It’s BAD, BAD, BAD

tumblr_n9uw2ad6lu1tgmzako1_50017. Jump around!

tumblr_n9vw0lOmmu1tdle4mo1_40018. Naps are good for you

tumblr_n9wu13KozD1t4o62mo1_40019. Have a good sleep (check out the Aura ;))


20. Do not snooze in the morning




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