10 famous movie scenes about falling asleep

August 26, 2014

Having problems closing you eyes and falling asleep at night? Or maybe you sleep like a log? In any case everybody has already experienced a terrible onset of sleep and/or some kind of insomnia. From endless bed roll overs to sleep walkers, here is a compilation of the Top 10 most famous falling asleep movie scenes to celebrate the launch of the Withings Aura, Smart Sleep System. Click on the link at the end of this post to discover the Aura and learn how it can enrich your sleep experience.

1. Invasion Of The Body Snatchers “When Becky falls asleep”

Falling asleep in this movie scene is not recommended

2. Dumb and Dumber “Dream Scene”

In this “falling asleep movie scene” Jim Carrey dreams about having a girlfriend

3. Disney’s Sleeping Beauty “Once upon a dream”

A romantic “falling asleep movie scene” from Disney

4. The Science of Sleep “How Dreams Are Prepared”

A movie scene with a recipe for dreams (this should help falling asleep)

5. Fight Club “For 6 months I couldn’t sleep”

What happens when falling asleep? This movie scene about Tyler Durden’s sleep disorder is mind-bending.

6. The Machinist “I haven’t slept in a year”

Falling asleep in this movie scene seems to be a struggle

7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind “Sleep Song”

Sleeping, forgetting, lucid dreaming… Falling asleep inspires movie scenes in many ways .

8. A Nightmare on Elm Street “Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep!”

A falling asleep movie scene tainted with horror

9. Before I go to sleep “What happened that night, whatever I’ve done… I have to remember”

Sounds like sleep tracking! What other falling asleep movie scene can you think of? Please share your favorite “fall asleep movie” or “falling asleep movie scene” in the comments.

10. Clue “I’m Gonna Go Home and Sleep With My Wife”

The Withings Aura also works with 2 persons in bed, whether you use a second Sleep Sensor or not.

Discover how the Withings Aura can improve your sleep experience

From falling asleep smoothly to waking up felling energized, the Withings Aura is the most advanced sleep tracking system. Who knows? Maybe in the future the Aura will be featured in a cult movie scene about sleep.


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