Everyday actions that degrade indoor air quality

January 7, 2015

The advent of certain technologies – and in particular the introduction of the Withings Home – now allows the general public to guard against everyday pollution peaks that regularly degrade the quality of indoor air during seemingly mundane activities or events.


How do you track indoor air quality (IAQ)?

If you are looking for a comprehensive IAQ-monitoring solution, two kinds of sensors stand out: CO2 sensors an VOC sensors.
• Carbone dioxide sensors
CO2 sensors are especially good for detecting whether a building is inhabited and if it is adequately ventilated (as humans we expire CO2 with each breath). The CO2 levels tracked in a room can even be used to extrapolate information about indoor air quality. Indeed, indoor concentrations of airborne pollutants typically increase in the same proportions as CO2 levels. Note that the Withings Smart Body Analyzer offers indoor air quality monitoring thanks to its CO2 sensor.
• Volatile Organic Compound sensors
VOC sensors monitor the levels of Volatile Organic Compounds in the air. VOCs are potentially harmful airborne organic chemicals. Combined these compounds have both short and long-term detrimental effects on human and animal health, ranging from headaches and eye irritations to asthma and cancer. The Withings Home – the first HD camera with environmental sensors – offers indoor air quality monitoring thanks to its VOC sensor. In the end, the easiest and most accurate way to assess indoor air quality is to use a VOC sensor.

What degrades indoor air quality?

When discussing the issues VOCs raise, we are actually talking about an elusive health hazard (a vast majority of VOCs are invisible to the naked eye). Even if we suspect that the levels of pollutants in the air we breathe at home varies throughout the day, and that opening a window will lower them, it is difficult to clearly understand this danger without using a VOC sensor. The following “Everyday actions that degrade indoor air quality” video gives you 4 concrete examples of common situations where the air quality is suddenly undermined.
voc dangers
• Assembling a piece of pressed-wood furniture
• Applying oil-based paint
• Using household cleaning products
• Applying cosmetics


The first HD camera with air quality sensors

panneau Home voc

Meet the Withings Home!

It’s the perfect solution to connect and monitor your home remotely. Seeing is not enough – this is why the Withings Home also incorporates a VOC sensor for indoor air quality monitoring. Along with the free dedicated Withings Home app, it enables you to track VOC levels inside your house and to take the necessary measures to ensure your whole family’s well-being.
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