Activité Pop’s awards and accolades (CES 2015)

Activité Pop’s awards and accolades (CES 2015)

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We are pleasantly surprised by how the Withings Activité Pop was warmly welcomed at the 2015 Intl’ CES in Las Vegas. Since it has been unveiled on January 5th, Pop has indeed been awarded many prizes, while making it into several “Best of CES” selections and receiving raving reviews from prestigious medias and institutions. Here’s a selection of Activité Pop’s awards and accolades coming from the US an the UK.



Awards Pop 1 Awards Pop 2 Awards Pop 3 Awards Pop 4 Awards Pop 5 Awards Pop 6



Activité Pop’s awards


CES Editors     –     Slash Gear

The Verge     –     Men’s Journal

WIRED     –     Paste Magazine

Cult of Mac     –     Trusted Reviews

Venture Beat     –     Popular Mechanics

Wareable     – 




What’s different between the Pop and the original Activité?

Click here to discover a side-by-side comparison.

activité pop versus activite

Activité Pop’s awards



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