Big Game Challenge Post Game Report

February 4, 2015

Congratulations to Seattle!

After twelve days of play,  Seattle took home the trophy, with a 51-44 victory. Both teams were more active than usual during the challenge, and with 50 less players, New England put up a strong fight. In the end, Seattle’s 676 players took a total of 37,500,215 steps to defeat the 626 players of New England’s team who reached 36,320,038 steps. Just like the The Big Game on Sunday night, our challenge was a real nail biter in the end!

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The players of the Big Game Challenge brought their A-Game to the field. During the two-week challenge, the participants were 11% more active than they were during the previous week. This 11% increase in activity was equivalent to about 798 extra steps per day. New England was 10% more active during the challenge with an average daily increase of 758 daily steps. Seattle was 12% more active with an average daily increase of 846 steps.
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With the exception of January 24, New England players were the much more active team. It looks like they really wanted to win that Activité !


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The MVPs:

Congratulations to our four MVPs from the Big Game Challenge. You will be receiving an Activité in the following weeks.

Our MVPs were certainly team leaders!  Using the data from the winning quarter, they walked a collective average of  218,146 steps per quarter and an average of 18,179 steps per day.

Quarter 1 Winner

Max P, New England
258,159 Steps

Quarter 2 Winner
Andrew S, Seattle
242,834 Steps

Quarter 3 Winner
Fay I, Seattle
212,162 steps

Quarter 4 Winner
Christie C, New England
159,429 steps

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Big Game Challenge. We hope you enjoyed the game and will join us again next time!

Susie Felber

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