Experience the solar eclipse with the Withings Home

March 19, 2015

Planets are aligning right on time for the ’Earth’ update of the Withings Home. On this occasion, we would like to invite you to an astral experience.

This Friday, March 20th 2015, from 9AM (GMT+1), experience the solar eclipse with Withings and the Withings community! We placed a Home in our offices, pointed at the stars, so everyone can enjoy this rare event. This is why we’re happy to invite you to join us tomorrow, to follow the eclipse live, and to comment with us directly on YouTube or on Twitter with hashtag #WithingsEclipse.

Experience the Eclipse with Home



Share your own pics and vids for a chance to win a Withings Home

I don’t have a Withings Home
If you live somewhere in the huge area that will be shadowed by the moon over the day, please share your photos and videos on Twitter with the #WithingsEclipse hashtag. We will pick a winner and send him or her a Withings Home.
I already have a Withings Home
All Withings Home users are invited to point their device toward the sun in the morning, to leave it in this position all day, and to share the resulting Timelapse at the end of the day. Send an email to community@withings with the object #WithingsEclipse.

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