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April 8, 2015

Ever wish you had a personal trainer to help you start your day off on the right foot? Now your Withings scale can help you get the information you need right when you wake up, and keep you motivated all day long. Weigh in when you wake up to track your current weight and view yesterday’s activity levels.

Big results come from small steps, and with steady daily progressions, you can achieve your health and fitness goals. As any health or fitness professional will tell you, it’s important to set reasonable and achievable goals. Keep a close eye on your weight and activity levels with the help of your scale and Withings tracker.
Although you can track your activity levels at any point in time in the Health Mate app, receiving this information on your scale provides an extra boost of motivation. Monitoring your weight and activity levels first thing in the morning gives you the chance to reflect on the health choices from the previous day and positively shape your actions in the coming hours. Can you beat your most active day?

How does the Activity Report of the Withings scales work?

The health data you collect with Withings products is synced to your Withings account online. Your scale sends weight data, your tracker sends activity data (steps, distance, calories), and all your health information is stored in the Cloud. This information can then be shared to any of your Withings connected devices.

How do you enable the Activity Report on your Withings scale?

activating steps EN good
1. It is necessary that your scale – the Smart Body Analyzer or the Wireless Scale – has access to your Wi-Fi network. If you haven’t already enabled Wi-FI access for your scale, use the instructions from this FAQ.
2. Your activity levels must be tracked by one of the following methods:

3. Go to “My Devices” and then follow these instructions:

  • Select your scale.
  • Tap « Screens customization ».
  • Sélectionnez votre profil utilisateur.
  • Select your user profile.
  • Touch the “✓” icon of the « Steps » item to activate it.
  • You have just activated your scale’s « Steps » screen.

4. When you are about to go to bed, make sure that your latest activity data has been synced and that it has been updated in the app.

Customize the screens of your scale

screen custo EN good
Users can choose which screens to display and customize the order in which they appear.

  1. Go to “My Devices” in the Withings Health Mate mobile app.
  2. Select your scale.
  3. Tap « Screens customization »
  4. Sélectionnez votre profil utilisateur.
  5. Select your user profile.
  6. Touch and drag the “☰” icon to the right of an item that you want to move, to move it up or down in the list.
  7. Repeat as many times as necessary.
  8. If you want to remove/add an item, simply touch the corresponding “✓” icon to deactivate or activate it.
  9. Congratulations! You’ve finished customizing your scale.


Still have questions?

Learn more about the features of the Withings Smart Body Analyzer (WS-50) and Wireless Scale (WS-30).
– The FAQ WS-50, and that of the WS-30.
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