10 Withings Home tech specs that put it above the competition

April 23, 2015

Look at the following 10 Withings Home tech specs, and search the net to see if you can find a more advanced remote video monitoring solution.

What does the Withings Home have under its hood? A combination of best-in-class video technologies! Read on to discover Home’s  top 10 competitive advantages.

SPEC #1 – A 5-megapixel sensor

Home CMOS sensor
When addressing the quality of a digital image, the number of pixels is the best indicator for resolution. The Withings Home proudly grabs 5 million of them.

SPEC #2 – A high quality video encoding

Home Encoding
Once the pixels have been ‘grabbed’, they must be neatly packed so that they can easily travel up and down the information superhighways. Capable of encoding up to 1080p, at 30 frames per second, the Withings Home has all the necessary skills to provide you with the best possible picture.

SPEC #3 – The latest Web Real-Time Communication technology

webrtc withings

WebRTC is free and open technology for direct communication between mobile apps, web browsers and connected devices. This protocol enables them to have Real-Time Communications (RTC). And as you may have guessed, the Withings Home comes with the latest and most advanced version of RTC.

SPEC #4 – The widest field of view of the market

Home Lens field of view
Feeling like your home camera is only showing you a portion of the picture you want to see? Boasting a 135 degree wide angle view makes the Withings Home the largest field of view on the market. More importantly, you’ll only need one camera to see all the happenings in a room. Gone are the days of needing to install motorized cameras. Scan the web for a consumer IP camera that offers a wider field of view, excluding motorized cameras, you won’t find any.

SPEC#5 – An automatic dewarping of the image

dewarping Withings Home
Many IP cameras that offer remote video monitoring record a deformed and often rounded image. This is due to the fisheye lens they are equipped with. This kind of lens is great to take a glance around a room, but the resulting image is unnatural and not as crisp as it could be. The Withings Home has a wide angle lenses, but also the ability to adjust the video feed before broadcasting it.

SPEC#6 – A patented ePTZ-technology

panneau ptz
The patented ePTZ-technology of the Withings Home allows you pan and tilt, thus eliminating the need for an eerie motorized cameras.

SPEC#7 – A x12 zoom

zoom x12 withings home
The ePTZ technology and 5 million pixels not only enhance the Pan-Tilt features it also ensures the richest picture quality when zooming.

SPEC#8 – Automatic enhancement of the image

panneau auto enhancement
Home automatically enhances images immediately after movement to show you the smallest details. Zoom in, wait a second… Ta-da! The image gets groomed, after having been zoomed!

SPEC#9 – Night vision

Home LED night vision
Above is the actual LED of the Withings Home which allows it to monitor your home with the clearest possible quality all day and night long.

SPEC#10 – Cloud Video Recording

cloud video recording withings home '
As of now, you get 7 days of continuous footage right on your phone! Simply activate your Cloud Video Recording plan (free during the Beta period) that allows to access the footage (from the Timeline or the Timelapse Playback). In order to do this, click on “Plan” from the left menu.


Did you notice that among the Withings Home tech specs there is something called a “VOC sensor”?

VOC sensors are the best way to assess indoor air quality. Here’s a video in case you are wondering what everyday actions can degrade indoor air quality:

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