Corporate Wellness 360°

May 7, 2015

It’s time for your corporate wellness program to get connected. Withings is now offering a 360-degree solution to your wellness needs.

Withings is proud to offer the most comprehensive ecosystem of health devices on the market. Our sleek design and ease of use allow people to seamlessly integrate health into their everyday lifestyles, creating an environment for long term adoption and behavior change. Several companies have recently turned to Withings to revamp their wellness programs with our smart and engaging solutions. Obesity, overweight and sedentary rates are on the rise, and we want to help your organization become a healthy one. Connected devices and advanced analytics can transform a workplace into a healthier, happier, better engaged and more productive environment.
To better assess the impacts that the workplace has on overall health, we asked some of our US users to participate in an anonymous survey. We asked questions pertaining to work and compared survey responses against data measured by devices on an aggregated basis—e.g., number of steps, weight, body mass index, and sleep time. We aggregated the results from over 10,000 Withingers and are publishing them today as part of our first Corporate Wellness 360° Study.

Our workplaces and jobs have major impacts on our health.

Some highlights from the study:

    • Work is where we spend the majority of our time. Whether we are sitting at our desks, or commuting to the office, the vast majority of the week is related to work. As more than a third of the day is dedicated to work, health often takes the back seat. Our survey revealed that 48% of people feel as though they don’t have enough time during the week to maintain a healthy level of exercise.
    • According to the Corporate Wellness 360° Study, the workplace fosters unhealthy habits:

Unhealthy habits in the workplace

    • As a result, 63% of our users noticed a significant weight change when starting a new job, including 52% of people reporting a significant weight gain.
    • Though it often seems detrimental to our health, the workplace can be a powerful engine to motivate and help us improve our health. For instance, employees who are active with their co workers exhibit a greater number of daily steps, increased sleep time, lower BMI, and higher score of happiness with their jobs. Colleagues can be great motivators when inciting healthy behavior changes:


Active with coworkers Not active with coworkers
Number of daily steps 6134 5270
Sleep time 6h56min 6h45min
BMI (Body Mass Index) 27.8 kg/m2 29.1 kg/m2
Score of job happiness 3.9 3.6


Making the workplace healthier

To create a successful product, we must first understand what doesn’t work about the existing ones. Major issues with existing employee wellness products include: a lack of sustainable engagement, and a non comprehensive approach that does not foster long-term impact. We’ve been working with several corporations for over a year to best understand their needs and provide the most innovative solutions. At the core of our company, we believe in innovation, simplicity and design, as these factors influence and inspire health in the long term. In line with our DNA, we have created a wellness solution to reflect these key points.
Today we’re excited to introduce our Corporate Wellness 360° solution. With this solution, we aim to bring the Withings ecosystem to businesses across the globe and encourage the presence of health in everyday life.
How does it work?

    • With discounts available on bulk orders, corporations and wellness program administrators purchase Withings devices for their members. In addition to our innovative products, we have designed a Corporate Wellness 360° platform to create healthy communities and build insights based on advanced analytics.
    • Our comprehensive ecosystem allows for a personalized and in depth wellness program that can go beyond activity. We are able to offer programs for several elements of health: weight, blood pressure, activity, and sleep. This 360-degree experience allows employees to track what matter most to them.
    • Participants use Withings devices to track and improve their health. Our Health Mate app allows them to set personal goals and reminders based on the elements of health they are most interested in.
    • Organizations leverage the power of their communities to transform their wellness program into a fun and engaging experience. Program administrators are able to create individual or team challenges and can animate these programs with engaging notifications and insights directly in the app. Additionally, challenge participants can send healthy encouragements and offer playful banter to their colleagues in the app.
    • Program administrators get insights about engagement levels and the progress of their communities through aggregated and anonymized dashboards. Similar to the participating employees, wellness managers can adopt a data-driven approach to make better-informed decisions about health and well-being needs of their communities.

As always, securing the privacy of our users’ personal information is of utmost importance to us. Only aggregated dashboards are accessible to program administrators. Individual data (such as your monthly number of steps in order to provide rewards) will only be accessible to the administrator if explicitly granted this right by each user.Click here to learn more about our privacy policy.

What’s next?

You want to make your workplace healthier, and we can help. From small companies to major corporations, we will craft a solution that is perfect for you. Contact Withings Corporate Wellness 360° to learn more about our extensive offerings.
As Elizabeth Carbone, Wellness Senior Program Manager, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, puts it: “As technology is such an important part of our lives, we turned to wearables as a way to help our MIT members track their health. The logistics, recruitment and deployment of the challenge were seamless and Withings was very responsive to our needs. We had students, faculty, and staff all competing in the same challenge, and everyone had a blast!”
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