May: National Blood Pressure Awareness Month

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May 21, 2015

May is National Blood Pressure awareness month and we made it our mission to provide you with resources and programs to make heart health a top priority.

During the month of May we worked with MyFitness Pal and American Medical Group Association to provide you with fresh tips on social media and heart healthy resources on our blog.
Over the past year, we’ve been working with American Medical Group Association (AMGA) on a study to help patients with hypertension get their blood pressure back under control. Using our Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, patients were able to remotely monitor their blood pressure levels sharing this information with doctors between visits. Based on the frequency of measures taken and lifestyle changes made, a significant portion of patients were able to get their blood pressure back under control.
For AMGA’s National Day Of Action, we created a campaign called #PledgeForMyHeart to increase awareness about factors the influence blood pressure including: activity, food consumption, stress, sleep, and heart health. Read more about the details of the pledge here!
Did you know that the language you use on Twitter can have an effect on your heart health? People who use positive messaging are less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases than those who use negative messages. Check out our #PositivelyHealthy messages on Twitter, and stay tuned for more in the coming months!
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Thanks to everyone who completed the pledge for helping us pave the pave to healthier hearts!
In addition to our work with AMGA, we were excited to work with MyFitnessPal, one of our most valued partners. Check out the articles their articles on Blood Pressure 101 and A Guide to Low Sodium Eating. We were also happy to provide you with some data about blood pressure in our Numbers Tell it All article.
Though National Blood Pressure Awareness Month is coming to an end, we hope you will still make heart health a top priority.