8 easy ways to enjoy a more active summer

Wellbeing Tips
June 5, 2015

It’s June, but people working for Withings in our US HQ are still talking about the crazy cold winter we had. It was great for skiers and for stories we will bore our grandchildren with in years to come, but it was really hard. There’s no doubt that the warm weather is more appreciated than ever.

The best part about longer days is that there is more time to get out there, enjoy the outdoors and be active. But if you are not in the habit, sunny days and mild temperatures might not be enough to inspire you. So here are a few more tips that will help ensure that you have a healthy, active summer.

1. Bring Your Gear

Keep you gear organized and get it out of the closet. Stashing it in a special bag or bin right next to your front door might motivate you and make sure you are always ready for activity. A great pair of comfortable running sneakers, your favorite fitness outfit, a smartphone arm cuff and a stylish Withings activity tracker are just a few essentials. Of course, you should also never leave home without your water bottle. Staying hydrated is key to staying active.

2. Leave the Gadgets at Home

Take the time to unplug for a little bit everyday and enjoy the outdoors. Don’t worry about answering emails, taking phone calls or instantly returning text messages. All that will be waiting for you and you will be able to handle the stress of any workload that much better after a little activity. In fact research bears this out. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, a research suggests that not all breaks are created equal. Instead of heading for a cup of coffee, when taking a break from repetitive tasks, observing nature may be best to help reduce stress and improve performance.

3. Sign Up for a New Activity

Whether you join a group in order to enjoy your favorite activities with others or you opt to learn a whole new skill, take this opportunity to sign up. Attend surf school, tackle mountain hiking, or take up road biking. Use fitness monitors like the Pulse Ox to track your progress and be sure to celebrate as you hit new fitness goals and master new skills along the way.

4. Wake up with the Sun

Live like a farmer! Extra daylight means more time to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. Use this time in the morning to go for a run and enjoy the scenery. The temperatures will still be cool and you will have the roads and trails to yourself. There is something truly special and inspiring about waking up and being out before the rest of the world takes on the day. You will be amazed at how prepared you feel for the rest of your day.

5. Enjoy Evening Walks

An after dinner stroll is a great way to unwind for the evening and take advantage of the extra long evenings. The dogs will appreciate the extra exercise and it will help you digest after dinner. This last walk of the day also provides you with a great opportunity to get in those last few steps so that you can meet and crush your step score for the day.

6. Challenge Your Friends

Staying active is always easier with friends and a little added competition can really spark a fire. Start a Summer Steps Challenge with your friends and family and see who can rack up the most miles. With the Leaderboard feature on the Health Mate app, everyone can post their steps, share their success and get the competition going. People from around the country can participate. Not only does this provide a great motivator to stay active, it will also help you keep in touch with far flung loved ones. A nice way to spend a more active summer.

7. Enjoy the Journey

Summer means plenty of downtown festivals, outdoor concerts, and opportunities for picnics. Don’t stress about finding the closest parking space. Find a spot a few blocks away and enjoy the walk. You might discover new things about your city and enjoy the quality time with your friends and family.

8. Rethink Vacation

If you are used to going on vacation and spending a week indulging at local restaurants and sleeping in, it might be time to rethink your vacation. Sure, you deserve to have a lazy morning or order the desert a few times, but why not make activity a part of your holiday? The best way to explore new place is by walking or biking. Set out on foot and explore your location. Start your day with a walk or run along the beach. Sign up for rocking climbing or rent a kayak. Chances are that you will have a lot more fun and end up feeling better than if you had spent the entire week washing down fried calamari with cocktails.
Summer will be over before you know it! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your fitness and enjoy the longer days. Start with a plan and make sure that you have all the gear you need to stay safe, hydrated and comfortable as you exercise. Setting goals, tracking your activity and sharing your milestones will also go a long way to ensure that you stay active.