Celebrity beats swimming record, summer recipes and more

June 12, 2015

From summer swimming spots to a seriously smart sleep piece, get a healthy dose of our best link finds of the week.

Let’s start with a quote from our first link find:

“When it comes to insomnia, comparative effectiveness studies reveal that sleep medications aren’t the best bet for a cure, despite what the commercials say. Several clinical trials have found that they’re outperformed by cognitive behavioral therapy.”

The above quote is from a great article in The New York Times by Austin Frakt writing about his own struggles with sleep issues.  In The Evidence Points to a Better Way to Fight Insomnia, Frakt writes, “Data, not pills, was my path to relief.” He also talks about how his successful program included keeping careful track of how much sleep he got each night.  Yup, sounds about right.

On Twitter, Academy Award-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe shared her latest swimming triumph. Way to go, Gabby! We’d fav this twice if we could.
Speaking of swimming, if you are in or are traveling to New York City this summer, Gothamist just came out with a great piece on the 9 Best Pools in NYC. The floating pool in the Bronx looks particularly awesome.
If you’re looking to eat healthier this summer, Moms Rising tweeted out the mother of all healthy food recipe round ups. Check out 42 Fit Foodie Summer Recipes. But be warned: The pictures are so amazing you might gain 5 pounds just looking at them.

In Withings news…

Activité is currently featured in Vanity Fair’s Father’s Day gift guide and they described it as, “the most fashionable fitness (and nap) tracker on the market.”
Withings co-founder and CEO Cedric Hutchings shares his first piece on Forbes: How Smart Data Can Help Keep Employees And Corporations Healthy. Check it out and follow Cedric to be the first to see upcoming articles.
Withings won 1st prize at this week’s 7VPD Competition. You can see pictures of it here on their Facebook page.


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