Free Cloud Video Recording Trial

June 29, 2015

Never miss a moment with our Cloud Video Recording Premium Security Plan. The best part? The first month is FREE for all Home users, and there are no strings attached — you can cancel anytime, but we think you won’t want to.

Save Money; Save Memories

Nokia Home Premium Security Free Trial can save you money while enabling you to get 30-days of continuous recording with 30 days worth of timeline items in HD. Download and share any and all memories. Read on to start taking advantage of your free month right now.

How to activate Nokia Home Premium Security Free Trial:

  • Open Nokia Home app
  • Tap settings
  • Tap Cloud Video Recording
  • Select Premium Security
  • Enter payment info — you won’t be charged during the free trial, and it will only be used if you decide to keep the Premium Security features running

That’s it! Once you do this, you’re all set to enjoy latest generation of home video security solutions. Check in on the home front anytime just by looking at your smartphone.

Enjoy Extended Capacity

Without subscribing to the Premium Security plan, the Withings Home offers access to a two-day history of short animated sequences that are automatically recorded when events are detected, and time-lapse recaps (each one summarizing 24 hours in a minute). Not only does the Special Premium Security Free Trial allow you to go further in the past — up to 30 days — the option is not limited to detected events only. This means you can watch any moment of the day or night.

The Home Diary of detected events and the time-lapses – accessible from the Home app – are also extended. You can view and download all any files while they are still in your 30-day history.

The Price? $0

This special one month Premium Security Free Trial begins once you signup and you will not be charged until it comes to an end. You may unsubscribe online at any time, but please note that any chosen period started, will be seen to completion and your videos will be accessible until the period you have paid for has ended.

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