Your Boss In Your Bedroom? Why Sleep Matters At Work.

August 3, 2015

When we think about our jobs, we think about deadlines, commutes, and more. Going to bed is probably the last thing comes to mind. But sleep has real economic impact.

At Withings, we include sleep data in our activity trackers and our Withings Aura is a dedicated sleep system that provides even more in-depth results. But paying attention to the quality of your nights is more than just an entertaining exercise — we consider it one of the five pillars of health because getting enough of it can really improve your well being.
So if work takes a toll on your sleep, and your sleep takes a toll on your work,  should companies take an interest in how and when their employees hit the hay? In a new article on, our CEO, Cedric Hutchings, illustrates how lack of sleep has real economic impact:

“Research showcased from the National Institute of Health highlights poor sleep increases the risk of obesity and diabetes, hypertension, and heart diseases. The National Sleep Foundation even estimates that sleep disorders cost the economy over $100 billion dollars per year, a burden mostly for corporations because of lost productivity, medical expenses and sick leave.”

Understanding this is important is one thing, but what steps steps the company can take to help their employees while also paying attention to privacy concerns is another.
Want to find out more about the data-driven approach to work and sleep? Read the whole piece on Forbes right here: Boardroom To Bedroom: Should Your Boss ‘Watch’ You While You Sleep?
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