Your Withings Year in Review 2015 Is Here

February 3, 2016

We’ve gathered activity, sleep and weigh-in data for 2015 so you can see the progress you made over the year, identify areas you can strive to improve, and see how your numbers compare to the world-wide Withings community. Read on to find out more.

Did you make healthy resolutions after pouring the bubbly and toasting the arrival of 2016? If you did and you’re sticking to them, keep up the great work. If you didn’t, no worries, January 1st doesn’t hold a monopoly on resolutions. But whether you’re outpacing your New Year’s goals, struggling to meet them, or just getting around to making some now, it’s helpful to understand past habits for guidance, course correction, and inspiration as you take steps toward an even healthier 2016.
Let’s follow our handsome, bespectacled Withings scientist through the 2015 stats for the entire Withings community to give you the lay of the land before you dive into your own 2015 Year in Review stats.

Activity levels

Here we see that the Withings community put themselves through their paces in 2015 by walking an average of 5,800 steps a day. The Withings community took the highest amount of steps on Saturdays in the summer, when they averaged 6,000 steps, and they took the least amount of steps on Sundays in winter, averaging only 4,400 steps. When you log in to your personal Year in Review page, you’ll be able to see how your steps stacked up to everyone else in the Withings community.

Weigh-in habits

Most Withings users stepped on the scale about 10 times a month in 2015, averaging 2 to 3 weigh-ins each week. And that year-long chart in the lower left, shows that Withingers were darned consistent with their weigh-ins all year long. Well done, average user!

Catching some ZZZ’s data

In 2015, the Withings community slept an average of 7 hours each night. They went to bed at 11:49PM on weekdays and 12:18AM on weekends. As for rising and shining, the majority got out of bed at 7:32AM on weekdays and slept in until 8:30AM on weekends. People slept an average of 25-30 minutes less on weekdays than weekends.

Discover your animal totem…

Think of them as kindred spirits on your journey toward health, there to guide and encourage you along the way. The totem animal for our average user was the dolphin, because they pursued their health goals with smarts, consistency and athleticism. But wait, what’s your personal totem animal for 2015? The cheetah? Giraffe? Eagle? Discover and share. And, while you’re at it, choose which animal totem you aspire to be next year when you are looking back at 2016. Don’t forget to log in or take a simple quiz to find out!


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