Do You Suffer From Two-Watch Syndrome?

February 4, 2016

The other day, The Atlantic published an article investigating The Strange and Terrifying Case of Ted Cruz’s Two Watches.

Many had wondered, but seems this bubbled up on social media thanks to a MAD magazine artist and writer who found the candidate’s “two watches” downright creepy:

If you read the comments on the tweet, along with usual snark towards any politician, were many people who were genuinely disturbed by Ted Cruz choosing to wear “two watches.” Of course, we knew it wasn’t two watches. And we knew the other watch wasn’t a special rubber band one wears to funerals, even if that’s what it looks like. It’s that Ted is wearing a watch on one arm, and an activity tracker (that isn’t ours) on the other. And in fact, the writer of the article, Robinson Myer, cited Withings Activité as the alternative to this common but debilitating-on-social-media condition.

Millions of Americans — including President Obama — currently suffer from “two-watch” syndrome.  It can lead to misunderstandings, embarrassment, and a slew of tickets from the fashion police. The biggest tragedy? Many don’t know there is a better way. So to spread awareness, we’re prepared this informative graphic. Because if we save just one person from two-watch syndrome, it will have been worth it.

Terrifying two-watch syndrome


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Illustration by Jesse Willmon

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