The Most Dedicated Euro 2016 Fans

June 23, 2016

With the first two weeks of Euro 2016 behind us, we were curious which countries have the biggest fans. Thanks to a wealth of Withings data, we looked at how users’ activity levels and sleep have changed since the games began, and determined who qualifies as the biggest fans. Let’s get to it!

From June 10th to July 10th, the whole of Europe is glued to the TV, watching the 15th UEFA European Football Championships. While the best teams on the continent compete on the pitch, fans express enthusiasm in their own way. Using data from the Withings community, we selected which countries we feel have the most dedicated fans, based on their average time spent playing soccer and the impact of the competition on their sleep and number of steps taken.

Football-Playing Fans

Health Mate now offers the option to manually logsports sessions (currently available only on iOS, but coming to Android users soon). Among Withings users who logged football sessions, the Swiss topped the list with an average playing time of 86 minutes per game. They are trailed closely by Germans (81 minutes of playing time) and Russians (79 minutes of playing time).
A special mention goes to France, the competition’s host, as the country where users have been most frequently logging football sessions since the start of Euro 2016.
Do you play football? Are you an iOS user? If so, get into the habit of logging all your matches in the Health Mate app.

Night Owl Fans

Watching the TV debrief in full, watching the best goals on loop, or celebrating a victory: these are some of the many activities that can cut into your sleep.
And when it comes to talking about night owls, Slovak fans are topping the charts. In fact, Slovaks who track their sleep with a Withings activity tracker or Aura have been sleeping about 50 minutes less per night than they did before the start of Euro 2016! Let’s hope the lack of sleep doesn’t catch up to them before their national team is done competing. A long way behind them are the Swiss with 10 minutes less sleep per night. Other European countries seem to manage their sleep better, despite the buzz around the event.
Fun fact: Users from Iceland are the only European users who have been sleeping more than they did before Euro 2016, with an average of 20 minutes more per night. Could this be an unexpected effect of the good results their team has had?

Celebratory Fans

Some countries’ users have been more active in the evenings since the beginning of Euro 2016, which suggests they are going out to watch the games, and even celebrating victories afterwards. Overall, our Russian users have been walking at night the most, averaging 2,800 steps between 7pm and 2am.
But comparing the first week of Euro 2016 to the week before it started, a number of European countries have seen their step counts significantly increase in the evening. The most impressive increase has been achieved by the Turks, who, despite a complicated start to the competition, have seen their nocturnal activity surge by 20%, reaching an average of 2,156 steps per evening. Albanians are also among the most active Europeans at night during Euro 2016 with an increase of 13% (2,460 steps on average), just a little more than the French, whose activity increased by 12% (with 1,618 steps on average).
On the other hand, the Irish (23% decrease in activity), Czechs (20% decrease) and Poles (16%) have actually been walking less. Perhaps they’re not the partying type!

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