Valentine’s Day Partner Workout

Wellbeing Tips
January 31, 2017

Valentine’s Day often means eating chocolates, going out to dinner, and cuddling up watching a movie with your significant other. While we don’t think you should deprive yourself of those traditions, why not start the day off with a healthier activity? Not only will you burn calories and strengthen your heart and muscles, but you’ll have fun connecting with your partner in a new way too.

Need some more convincing? According to Psychology Today, research shows that working out with your partner may strengthen the relationship, increasing feelings of happiness and love towards your partner. Exercising together can also help you inch closer to your fitness goals, as it will provide an accountability partner, some healthy competition, and most importantly, support.
Even if you’re celebrating Singles’ Awareness Day today, grab a pal and sweat with them instead. Friendships can be just as important and fulfilling as romantic relationships, and you’ll reap many of the same benefits exercising alongside a friend.

To get started, check out the infographic below, which details 10 exercises you can do with your partner. The only equipment you’ll need is a heavy object, like a med ball or anything else lying around your house. It’s up to you how many rounds to complete, but we suggest 2-3. Happy sweating!