Introducing Baby Mode: A New Way to Weigh Your Baby

Wellbeing Tips
April 18, 2017

If you own a Body, Body+ or Body Cardio smart scale, there’s now an easy, accurate way to track your child’s growth. From making sure baby is getting adequate nutrition when breastfeeding, to simply keeping tabs on weight gain, our advanced smart scales help parents accurately and easily track their child’s growth. Learn more about how to access this new feature.

Our connected scales can identify and track up to 8 users, but with this update, the whole family can get on board — even if they aren’t old enough to stand. It’s called “Baby Mode” and it allows parents to follow the growth of their child with their regular scale – simply by weighing themselves with the baby in their arms. And because ounces matter, Baby Mode is highly precise: measurements are accurate to 0.2 lb / 0.1 kg.

How does it work?

1. Create a profile for the baby in the Health Mate app (specify gender, height & most recent weight).

2. Step on the scale alone & go through the complete weigh-in process.

3. Within 5 minutes, step on the scale again – with the baby this time. The parent’s weight is automatically zeroed out, and the scale will recognize the baby’s profile to display the baby’s weight

4. Measurements will be sent automatically via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® to the Health Mate app, where the parent can follow the baby’s weight trend and view ranges showing what is healthy for reference.

We hope you enjoy this simple new way to get precise measurements that can help you accurately track your child’s growth between doctor’s visits.