Let’s Make Your Health Goal a Reality

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February 1, 2018

Do miracle diets not perform lasting miracles? Is your stationary bike now covered in laundry? You’re not alone. The sad fact is 1 in 4 resolutions are abandoned after only a week. But wait! We have a data-backed plan full of fun surprises that can guide you on the road to success with the power of personalized tips and the power of the whole community cheering you on.

How we’ll help you make this happen

There’s a good reason why you should tell us your #1 health goal in 2018.
Do you want to lose weight, be more active, strengthen your heart or sleep better? By registering your health goal, you’ll get access to a series of data-backed tips and tricks that have proven effective in our community. In other words: you will get the keys to real success. You’ll find out how to make small choices that add up to big health benefit, and you’ll know how to avoid the usual pitfalls. Plus, you can take part in a community step challenge that will provide motivation from people just like you, who are taking part around the world.

We’re excited because we know it works

Everyday we learn more about what works from our connected health community. We know how people have changed their habits and improved their health in the most meaningful way—over the long term. By sharing these insights, and cheering for you, we know we can help you reach the finish line. Last year we activated this goal-setting program for the first time. We know we helped thousands of people adopt healthier lifestyles. The 2017 the participants reported feeling better and 80% of them have pledged to join up again to keep the good health vibes flowing.
So, are you ready? Set your health goal today to receive everything you need to help put you on the road to success.