A legend… Wait for it… Dary product review !

I just wanted to share with you an impressive article made by DC Rainmaker. He’s a modest triathlete and a runner : « I I run, I bike, and I do something resembling swimming. And at the end of the day… I blog about it. But other than that last detail – I’m just like you.”

He made one of the most detailed and complete product reviews I have ever seen! Not only did he described in depth every step of his experience with the Withings scale, but he also tested the scale’s features (twitter, Wiscale, …) and some of our partnerships (RunKeeper, TrainingPeaks, Google Health, …).

The link: http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2010/05/withings-wifi-scale-in-depth-review.html

Enjoy the ride!

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Sportmen, beware ! Withings and iBody are now synchronized

Good news! Withings just built a new partnership with the winning award iPhone app iBody! Developed by the German company iHanWel, this app is famous for gathering all your body information in one place: weight, body measurement, blood pressure and all the other body values.

Furthermore, iBody has a fitness journal and a GPS tracking module to track the distance you cover at each workout. Your iPhone becomes your personal health advisor. A demo video is available, so that you can really see the potential of this app.

Now, with the Withings scale integration, it’s possible to get your weight directly from your scale onto your iPhone. To learn how to link your Withings account with iBody, check out our sharing page.
The free version of iBody, I lose Weight, is also compatible with the Withings scale.

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Monitor your training thanks to TrainingPeaks and Withings

For people willing to watch their workout progress, their health and their nutrition at the same time, a solution exists. It’s called TrainingPeaks.

 It’s an online software dedicated to training, motivation and progress. This website offers numerous possibilities. For instance, you can access a calendar to plan your training program, analyze your efforts, see expert piece of advise, track your daily metrics, share your routes and exercises with the other members, watch your nutrition, etc…

Withings and TrainingPeaks just built a partnership to synchronize their data. It is now possible to consult your weight and fat mass measurements directly in your TrainingPeaks account and thus better understand how your workout directly impacts your weight. You can watch it on the online calendar and/or use the “daily metrics” pod on the TrainingPeaks dashboard.

To learn how to link your TrainingPeaks with your Withings scale, please refer to our sharing page.

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Jogmap and Withings are running after your fitness

Jogmap is a fast growing community network for runners, joggers and walkers. With more than 500.000 geocoded running tracks (for more than 150K registered users), jogmap is the leading portal for running tracks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And you know what? It’s free of charge !

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SportTracks now compatible with the Withings Body Scale

SportTracks is the best GPS-enabled exercise logbook software in the world and you know what? It’s free !
Thanks to its numerous GPS receivers integrations, SportTracks helps you tracking the distance, time and pace of your workouts no matter what device you use.
You’ll be able to take a high level view and track your progress over time, or dive into the details of a specific exercise to analyze your pace, elevation, or heart-rate performance. Activities can be organized into categories, or summarized by location.

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