Apps for calorie tracking

At Withings, we believe that self-tracking is one of the keys to change. If the change you are trying to achieve is to get more fit, tracking your weight is of course essential and you can do that with the Wi-Fi body scale. Another factor that you can track is what you eat. Tracking what you eat can be a great help. It gives you a picture of how much you consume and you may even surprise yourself and identify those occasions where you over-consume.

It will also help you learn more about the real nutritional value of what you eat and let you make informed decision about what you will really gain by renouncing to a cupcake compared to, say, a can of soda.

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The new Withings app is coming soon to your smartphone

The Withings app hasn’t changed much since it was first released in 2009. The main addition since then has been the introduction of blood pressure data that accompanied the release of the blood pressure monitor, but otherwise we hardly touched the other aspects and after three years we felt the need to make a great overhaul of the application. We wanted not only to take advantage of the various feedbacks we received over the years, but also to introduce many new features that we hope you will enjoy.

We firmly believe that connected devices that enable and facilitate self-tracking can be a key to a healthier lifestyle. Our goal with this new version of the Withings app is to take it to the next level and make it the best portal available to check and analyze your body measurements and plan how you want to act with regards to those readings. In this post, we give you a glimpse into the future of the Withings app.

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Withings partner spotlight: Beeminder

In this new entry in our “partner spotlight” series, we discuss Beeminder, a partner that marries an original concept with an innovative representation of data.

Beeminder is built around the Greek concept of “Akrasia”, and specifically around defeating it. From Beeminder’s blog, akrasia “encompasses the phenomenon of procrastination, lack of self-control, lack of follow-through, any kind of addictive behavior”, basically all those petty reasons that add up and psychologically prevent you from reaching reasonable goals.

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How can the Smart Baby Monitor see in the dark?

Have you ever wondered how the Smart Baby Monitor can see in the dark? Night vision cameras are fairly common nowadays, used for security or in some television programs, but the technology behind it is nonetheless fascinating.

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My life, my curves

We’ve just made two new videos showing what we call the “Lifecurves” of some very sympathetic folks. Lifecurves match events in someones life to the consequences it has on their health and body, shown here as lines. So come meet Paul and Mary and watch how they made changes in their lives… and how that affected their Lifecurves!

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The Smart Baby Monitor comes to the US rich with new features

Last week, the Smart Baby Monitor was finally released in the US. We have already talked at length about the main product features and you can always find them all described in detail on our website, so the purpose of this article will be to focus on the new features we have added since the monitor was launched in Europe in November 2011.

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