2 Easy Workouts You Can Do at Home

Wellbeing Tips
August 14, 2014

Exercise is an important part of losing weight, maintaining a healthy weight and overall health. For some, exercising comes naturally and is automatically a part of their everyday routine. For others, getting in exercise can be extremely difficult, especially with a busy schedule.

The good news is, you do not need to do any of the following to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle:

1. You do not need to join a gym
2. You do not need to purchase fancy gym equipment
3. You do not need to drive yourself insane finding the “right” exercise routine
4. You do not need to invest large sums of money into a workout wardrobe

The two workouts below can easily be done from the comfort of your own home, with little to no investment.

Workout #1 – Cardio

Warm Up:

1. Marching in place for 2 minutes – Not just for kindergarteners, marching in place helps to loosen your body and begins to raise your heart rate.
2. Stretch for 1 minute – Stretch your arms, legs, back and shake loose your neck.  Many people overlook this very important fitness step.  Stretching helps your body get ready for the next level of exercise.
3. Jumping Jacks for 2 minutes – Jumping jacks engage your upper body, lower body and your core.  Beginners and those that need low impact exercises can do modified jacks. For modified jacks replace the jumping motion with steps from side to side.

Work Out:

1. Jump Rope for 1 minute – Jumping rope can burn as many as 220 calories in 20 minutes.  Jumping is the perfect exercise to get your heart rate up and into the fat burning zone.
2. Jog in Place for 1 minute – While not as intense as jogging outside or on a treadmill, jogging in place is simple and helps maintain an elevated heart rate.  Add additional power to this exercise by combining it with arm raises.
3. Kickboxing for 1 minute – Alternate kicks and punches in rapid fire. This calorie busting exercise can also help to work off some pent up aggression.
4. Squat Jumps for 1 minute – Go into a squat position, then jump as high as you can. When you land, return to the squat position. Be sure to have soft landings to reduce the stress on your knees and ankles.
5. Push Ups for 1 minute – Get down and give me 20! Or as many as you can accomplish in one minute. Push ups combine cardio with strength training for the perfect exercise.

Repeat this circuit five times for a combined 25 minute workout.  Cool down by walking then gently stretching.

Workout #2 – Tone It Up!

Warm Up:

1. Walk in place for 2 minutes – Walking is a great exercise as it elevates the heart rate and engages multiple muscle groups.
2. Stretch for 2 minutes – Pay particular attention to your arms, legs and core when stretching to help get limber.

Work Out:

1. Plie Squats for 1 minute – Stand with your feet wide apart, pointed outward at a 45 degree angle. Your legs and back should be straight. Bend your knees and sit back until your thighs are parallel to the floor, return to the beginning position and repeat. Your knees should never stick out further than your feet
2. Crunches for 1 minute– Yes.  Crunches. Lie down on the floor with your legs bent, placing your hands behind your head. Using your core muscles, raise your head, shoulders and neck off the floor.  Be sure to not pull on your neck.
3. Plank for 1 minute – No, not the photo craze from years’ past. Plank by getting down on your hands and feet, similar to the top of a push up position. Rather than raising and lowering yourself, hold the “plank” as long as possible. Modifications for this exercise include twisting to the side and balancing your weight on one arm.
4. Step Ups with Curls for 1 minute – Stand on your right foot, with the left foot on a sturdy chair, bench or step with your arms at your side.  Keeping your weight on your left foot, step up so that your left leg is straight and your right leg is bent at a 90 degree angle and your right thigh is parallel with the floor.  At the same time, curl your arms upwards. Return to the original position. Do 30 seconds on each side. You can increase the intensity of this exercise by adding weights.
5. Superman for 1 minute – This exercise superhero tones your back and butt. Lie flat on the floor on your stomach with your palms and toes down. Raise your arms and legs as high as you can keeping your stomach on the floor.

Repeat five times, then cool down by walking in place and stretching.