Withings Study: How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off. (Psst. Don’t diet.)

Medical Studies
February 23, 2016

A new study by Withings backs-up the growing research findings that diets don’t work for weight loss that lasts.

Sure, diets help you lose weight in the short term, but dieters tend to gain back much of their lost weight within six months. For the study, we broke down data provided by more than 3,500 Withings scale users. In addition to finding that dieting doesn’t work, we discovered some of the top strategies and habits that do work for long-term weight loss success. Check out the infographics to learn the simple changes you can make to lose weight and keep the weight gone!
What really works in the long term then? The answer is simple yet powerful: having healthy eating habits.
Want to know more about it? Check out the webpage we have especially built for the study here.