Eric’s Family History Inspires Him To Scale Up His Health

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February 20, 2017

A father of two was drawn to the Body Cardio scale when he decided to get serious about his health. Read on for his take, and his very personal reason for keeping better tabs on his health.

Eric Murrell, pictured above, is a web developer who lives with his wife Lauren and their two young children just outside Nashville, Tennessee.
In a recent post on his blog, At Home in the Future, Eric, a self-described “skinny fat” guy, described how the Body Cardio scale appealed because of the diverse metrics it offered. He’s not looking to lose weight, because he says the results of his “bad eating” don’t always show up as extra pounds. He also alluded to a family history of heart disease, which makes him more conscious of keeping track of his health. When we reached out to him to find out more, he told us that his paternal grandfather died of a heart attack when he was young — in his 40’s — which made his own father always “keep an eye on weight and heart health.”
Eric said that given his genetic history, he’s “begun keeping a closer eye on health and trying to make more heart-healthy eating choices and weekly habits.” He says there are limitations to a traditional scale, and that he was drawn in to the unique metrics offered by Body Cardio, adding, “I love having the pulse checks…as some additional metrics to share with my doctor over time.”

In the review he goes on to talk about how data on the scale and in the app cause him to adjust his daily routine. Murrell writes, “I’ve noticed myself seeing the weekly weight trend line and deciding to cool the jets on all of the pizza, or seeing that my water percentage is lower than normal, encouraging me to stay more hydrated during the day.”  With his data at hand, he says that “living with the Body Cardio makes me much more aware of my general wellness on a daily basis, and that’s been a good thing for me.”
We also wanted to know more about how the scale was working for the whole family. Eric told us that their favorite thing about Body Cardio is that “it requires nothing from us… just hop on and watch the magic happen.” He found the user recognition a breeze, and also adds that the kids “love comparing their weight with ours, and Lauren and I have fun comparing our stats on the weekends and poking fun at each other.”
To read Eric’s entire Body Cardio review, check out his post, Stepping Up to a Healthier Lifestyle.