Resolution Reboot: Tips to Help Make Your Resolution Stick

January 15, 2019

Join us for Resolution Reboot Camp! Together with Mike “FatDag” Daggett—husband, father, and United States airman—we’ll share Mike’s best tips for weight loss success. Time for resolution reboot camp, SIR!

Did you drop your weight loss and fitness resolutions a few minutes after the ball dropped? Yeah, some of us did too. But don’t give up! There’s still tons of time left in the year, and your body doesn’t care if it’s January 1st or February… the time to commit to better health is now. Below you’ll find fresh tips from Michael Daggett, our favorite regular guy turned motivational podcaster. Mike transformed his life after reclaiming his health and fitness. And yes, we discovered Mike because he used a Withings smart scale. You can read Mike’s weight loss success story, but below, he’s providing inspiration and tips for anyone who wants to stick the landing this year and keep their New Year’s resolutions. Check back as we update this page, and know that some of us at Withings (like me!) are on the same journey. — Susie

1 | Resolution Reboot!

2 | Morning routine decisions have a HUGE impact on your health

“I used to Drink 12 sodas per day. It was the only liquid I consumed, all day, every day. I knew it wasn’t good for me, but I hated the taste of water. On New Year’s eve 2015, I decided to see if I could go one week without a single soda. At the end of the first week, I was proud of the accomplishment and decided to try one more week. That was 4 years ago and I haven’t had a drop since. I never intended to stop for life, but checking off smaller goals kept me feeling in control. Accomplishing small goals does lead to big results!
I’m busy, so my strength training routine is only 20 minutes, one day a week. My trainer has compressed a full workout session down to 20 minutes by removing the down time. Many people waste a lot of time walking around the gym looking for equipment, or resting too long between sets. With all that gone, I show up, work hard and get out. It’s a standing appointment on my calendar that rarely gets moved because it’s harder to reschedule it than it is to show up! The other 6 days of the week, I stay focused on my 5k run time and my Military Fitness Test goals by scheduling around life’s other priorities.”

3 | Mike’s weight loss tips

1/ Set Attendance Goals – The key to changing your life is to change your habits. The things that you do routinely, determine your outcome. In order to build new habits, you must start small. Rather than trying to complete a very intense workout, work on building the habits to do something daily. A 1-2 minute daily plank starts to build the habit of daily exercise. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to increase the effort into performance goals.
2/ Negotiate a contract with your future self. We all work hard to honor contracts, so why not leverage that mindset with your future self? Outline your future responsibilities by detailing the tasks that need to be done and the frequency of which to do them. Make the commitment in writing and sign/countersign the agreement. When you find yourself making decisions about working out or eating, ask yourself if those choices honor the contract, or will you be in violation of a potential breach of contract.
3/ Seek the support of successful people. There is no need to attempt this all alone. It’s true that the more you’re around successful people, the more you will work towards having that same level of success. Find like-minded communities to help you stay focused on what results are actually possible. Set up your social media feeds to remind you what success looks like. Once you have seen first-hand that what you’re trying to accomplish has already been done, it removes doubt from the equation. With doubt set aside your mind is free to focus on building healthy habits and honoring the personal commitment you’ve made to yourself.

4 | Before & After

“The Before, During and After Photos are critical to your success because your bathroom mirror has a hard time showing progress. Your reflection is an image you see daily, and you’re often distracted by the outward appearance of clothing, hair and makeup to notice the subtle changes in your body.  Those changes compound with time and truly become visible through photographs.  Comparing a day one photo to a day 30 photo, will revel your hard work and keep you focused in the right direction. Start your journey off correctly by documenting the progress through photos. I promise you, when you reach your goals, you will go begging for the before photos!”

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