Get To Know Sleep Analyzer

Heart health
May 7, 2020

Get to know Sleep Analyzer, the world’s first sleep tracker to deliver an in-depth analysis of your night plus medical grade sleep apnea detection—without anything to wear.

For the first time, a home sleep tracker provides sleep lab metrics with the benefit of convenience—there is nothing to wear thanks to an unobtrusive mat designed for one-time setup under the mattress. Sleep Analyzer concentrates the world’s most advanced sensors and technology to analyze your night and detect sleep apnea, a highly prevalent and underdiagnosed condition. With precise & understandable insights in the Health Mate app, anyone can discover how to achieve better sleep quality for better health.



  • Sleep cycles: light, deep, REM
  • Sleep Score based on quality featuring duration, depth, interruptions, time it takes to fall asleep and wake up
  • Medical-grade sleep apnea detection
  • Snore detection: episodes & overall duration
  • Continuous heart rate tracking: peak, lowest & average
  • Under the mattress—nothing to wear, compatible with all mattresses*
  • One time set up
  • Health Mate app (IOS & Android)
  • Wi-Fi synchronization, wake to immediate in-app results
  • Shareable medical reports
  • IFTTT compatibility

*Compatible with spring, foam, latex and memory foam layer mattresses. Tested on mattresses 4 to 15 inches (10 to 40 cm) thick.
Based on your movements, breathing rate, and heart rate, Sleep Analyzer studies your sleep phases: light sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep.
Light sleep: This phase is physiologically important, but not as restorative as the deep sleep phases. During this stage breathing slows down, the heart beat becomes more regular, and blood pressure decreases.
Deep sleep: During this phase, which is the most restorative, your brain waves slow down, and you sleep through most potential sleep disturbances without showing any reaction.
REM sleep: Also known as “paradoxical sleep” because the brain waves emitted during this stage seem contradictory to sleep, during this stage you dream. This stage is also characterized by an increase of heart and respiration rates. This sleep phase is also restorative.

Understand your sleep quality

How long you sleep is important, but it’s not the only factor in assessing sleep quality. Sleep Analyzer calculates a score based on many factors to assess the quality of your sleep.
Metrics tracked include:

  • Duration: Total time spent sleeping
  • Depth: The amount of time spent in restorative phases, deep sleep, and REM sleep
  • Regularity: Consistency between your bed and rise times
    Interruptions: Wake ups in the night
  • Time to sleep: Time it took to fall asleep
  • Time to get up: Time it took to get out of bed

The Sleep Score is a simple, intuitive way to see and understand your sleep quality.

Detect snoring

You can see the number of snoring episodes and their duration in the Health Mate app. Snoring itself is generally safe and common at a certain age. But snoring can have a negative impact on the quality of your partner’s sleep.

Detect sleep apnea to help with diagnosis

When sleeping, some people might experience reduced breathing or breathing pauses. While experiencing a few of these episodes is natural, too many within one’s night can lead to short- and long-term health impairments such as high fatigue or cardiovascular diseases. Sleep apnea is an underdiagnosed and highly prevalent condition that’s often silent.
Not only can Withings Sleep Analyzer detect sleep apnea, but it also helps you track symptoms to determine if you may be at risk for sleep apnea.
Sleep apnea has several forms: obstructive, central, and mixed. Regardless of its form, it occurs during the night by episodes, called apneic or hypopneic episodes. The average number of these episodes per hour is called the AHI. Withings Sleep Analyzer tracks all forms of sleep apnea, and provides three categories to grade the severity of the tracked night:

  • Normal to Mild
  • Moderate
  • Severe

The results provided by your Sleep Analyzer can be easily shared with your doctor right from the app in a few taps via the Health Report.
Sleep Analyzer is compliant with European medical device standards, meaning that your doctor can use and interpret the measurements provided by the device to help diagnose whether or not you suffer from sleep apnea. Medical advice should be sought if you experience moderate or severe apnea, or if you experience symptoms or have concerns.

Monitor Sleep Heart Rate

Sleep Analyzer will automatically track your heart rate at night, and then uses this measure to make averages on the minute level for highly-accurate heart rate measures (the gold standard for sleep HR tracking). A low Sleep Heart Rate is a good health indicator.

See your results in Health Mate

During the night, Sleep Analyzer automatically disables the Wi-Fi connection. However, it detects when you get out of bed. and will sync with the Health Mate app automatically. In the app you’ll find all data as well as personalized advice to help you have better nights.
We hope you enjoyed getting to know Withings Sleep Analyzer. Learn more and get your own here.