10 Golden Rules of Sleep

Wellbeing Tips
March 5, 2015

These 10 tips will help you fall asleep easily, sleep like a baby, and wake up ready to conquer the world.

Rule #1: Don’t spend more than 20 minutes trying to fall asleep

The maximum amount of time you should spend trying to fall asleep is 20 minutes. If you’re still awake after 20 minutes, read a book, write a letter, or take a walk around the house. It is better to sleep for five solid hours than to have a restless eight-hour slumber.

Rule #2: Develop a sleeping ritual

Developing a nighttime ritual is a great way to train your body to know when it is time to go to bed. Even if you compromise on some habits later down the line, your body will become accustomed to certain patterns, making it easier to fall asleep.

Rule #3: Keep your bedroom at a moderate temperature

The ideal temperature for sleeping is 64.4-68 ° F. In addition to keeping the room in this optimal temperature range, it is important to make sure your room is properly ventilated.

Rule #4: Avoid hot baths before going to sleep

Taking a hot bath or shower too close to bedtime raises your body temperature, making it more difficult to fall asleep.

Rule #5: Avoid lights and noises when trying to sleep

Extraneous lights and noises can make it difficult to fall asleep. Avoid listening to loud music or using electronic devices close to bedtime.

Rule #6: Avoid overeating at dinner

Overeating before bedtime can increase your levels of alertness and cause more frequent wake-ups throughout the night. Try drinking a warm cup of tea or glass of milk to help you fall asleep.

Rule #7: Be active during the day

Studies have shown that being physically active during the day makes it easier to sleep at night. Remember to work out more than four hours before you sleep, or else you might find you feel more alert as you try to fall asleep.

Rule #8: Stick to a regular sleeping schedule

Try to keep your body on a regular sleep schedule. Stick to the same sleep and wake-up times on weekdays and weekends.

Rule #9: Wake up with the help of natural or blue lights

Waking up to natural sunlight is the best way to feel refreshed. Try keeping your curtains slightly open.

Rule #10: Warm your body when you wake up

Over the course of the night, your body’s internal temperature cools down to help you sleep better. Upon waking up, you’ll need to warm up again to be fully alert and awake. Getting out from under the covers is always a struggle, but a hot shower will be a great reward.