Infographic: 10 Sleep Tips To Help You Have Great Nights

Wellbeing Tips
March 8, 2016

You might think you’re just “not a good sleeper,” but the truth is that certain lifestyle choices can have a huge impact on the length and quality of your sleep. And a good night’s rest isn’t just a “nice” thing to have, it’s important for your overall health and safety.


How important? According to Dr. Michael Breus, a/k/a @thesleepdoctor, “Sleep effects every organ system and every disease state, literally everything you do, you do better with a good nights sleep. If you want to lose weight, perform better, have better relationships and improve your health, sleep is a critical component.”

So, to help support the National Sleep Foundation in their quest to help us all get a better night’s rest, check out our sleep tips infographic below and then try to take at least some of them to heart when you next hit the pillow.
10 Ways to a better night's sleep
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