Lucile Woodward: How to Stay Motivated to Exercise

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January 27, 2020

Are you getting tired of your exercise routine? Do you need to find your second wind? Here’s my advice on how to stay motivated all year round!

Challenge yourself

You must regularly set new exercise goals to stay motivated. It’s essential. Motivation comes and goes, and if you don’t maintain it, it evaporates little by little.
Challenge yourself this week! There’s no need to set ridiculously ambitious goals for yourself—walking 10,000 steps a day is great and accessible.

Try out a new sport

To challenge yourself, you can also test out new sports, new activities, new movements. There’s nothing better than trying something new to discover your motivation.
For example, you could register at a gym that offers several different activities, or accompany a friend to his Body Pump class if you are used to doing yoga. In short, try something new—without making assumptions or judgments.

Find the right weight

Stabilizing your weight is the key to not seeing exercise as a chore and staying motivated. When you reach your fitness weight, a weight that suits you physically and mentally, you free your mind from the assumptions related to weight, and you finally open up to the pleasure of exercise. Find a workout that you like: one that frees your mind and makes you feel good—a sport that you can practice all year round without ever getting tired of it.
The Health Mate app helps you to stabilize your fitness weight thanks to its trend curves. When you can keep track of your weight trends, you can follow your progress.

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