New Year, New Goals: Small Challenges vs. Big Resolutions

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January 13, 2020

A new year means new challenges! January is always a very motivating month. We are energized by good resolutions—a new blank page to write your next chapter.

Coach, entrepreneur, and active mom Lucile Woodward is taking over the Withings blog with a series of guest posts this month. In her first post, she talks about what to consider when making New Year’s resolutions.
Be careful not to fall into the trap of drastic diets or excessive sport—customary practices at the start of each new year.

Losing weight is not an end in itself. You have to think long-term and succeed in detaching yourself from the simple number on the scale. Health and well-being are not just about pounds. Physical activity, sleep, energy, and motivation are all essential criteria to take into account to sustain long-term health.

Finally, our first resolution of the year should start with better sleep! Yes, it’s so simple, but so essential. Lack of sleep opens the door to unhealthy eating habits. Without restful sleep, you have no energy, no motivation. Sleep really impacts health in many ways.

And for sport, start slowly but surely. Personally, this year I’ve decided to run a 10-kilometer race in less than 49 minutes. It may sound silly as a challenge—not very sensational for a coach, nor super ambitious like a marathon—but that’s just what I needed: a challenge that I will succeed in achieving (I hope!), without fundamentally changing my lifestyle.

Because big resolutions never work, they are impossible to keep in the long term. It is the small cumulative decisions that really make the difference and trigger change—small success after small success.

Why not start now? I challenge you to walk 30,000 steps this week, which is roughly 4,500 steps per day. Share your number of steps on the Withings Community Facebook group to enter to win one of two Steel HR watches.
There’s nothing better to motivate yourself with in January! Who’s with me?
Thanks, Lucile! We look forward to your next post!