How to Stay Motivated and Fit This Summer

Wellbeing Tips
June 30, 2021

What if the real experts in healthy summertime living were already part of our community? We asked our users for their tips on how to stay motivated and fit this summer.

As the days get longer, finding time for swimming, jogging, walks in the park, museum visits, and more is becoming easier. However, taking care of yourself when it’s hot and your friends are calling you to go out for a drink isn’t easy. So, what do you do when the temptations of summer call for you to languish in seasonal pleasures?

We asked our community members for some collective wisdom, and their tried and tested advice for a great summer could help all of us in staying motivated and healthy.

Question 1: When is the best time to train in the summer heat?

This question garnered a unanimous answer: early morning or late evening, depending on the temperature and time. Many within the community prefer the morning to take advantage of cooler weather, like Carole. “On weekends I like to go for a long walk in the cooler weather when everyone is sleeping and nature is waking up.”

Guenaëlle also suggests morning jaunts. “The heat can be avoided if you plan sessions early in the morning or late in the evening, but be careful: you need at least 2 hours before going to bed without intense exercise! You can also go to air-conditioned gyms. If you’re on the coast, running and walking in the sand requires extra effort on the legs, but the sea spray is refreshing!”

Whatever the environment, don’t forget to stay well hydrated and drink water regularly to avoid heat stroke.

Question 2: Would you say you are more or less active in summer?

Though summer might put limits on when folks exercise, our community generally finds themselves more active during the season due to the long days and good weather. Sylvie, for example, simply changes the way she trains. “My activities are different, but I’m as active the rest of the year as I am in the summer.” Jean-Michel agrees by saying, “I’m much more active during summer than winter with 100% outdoor activity.”

Windy, however, is one who bucks the community’s summer trends. “Weekends with friends and big heat in the south of France make for less gym time.”

Question 3: What activity do you enjoy most in summer? Why?

Preferred summer activities within the community are mainly aquatic and nature-oriented. Violaine, for example, likes to do, “everything that happens in or on the water: longe côte (walking in the ocean), swimming, paddle, etc,” while Lenaïg advises people to go hiking, “to discover new landscapes.”

It’s also the time to have fun by trying out new, more fun activities: “Connect with nature and do an activity that will allow you to have fun,” advises Bill. Whether it’s ziplining, water aerobics, or canoeing, take the plunge alone, with friends, or with family!

Question 4: Do you sleep better or worse in the summer?

Most of our community members sleep less well in the summer because of the heat. Folks like Laurence are bothered by mosquitoes, while others like Marie are affected by the strong sunlight that sets later and rises earlier. Nevertheless, for a few diehards, their sleep quality does not change, as community member Vincent would say, he sleeps “well, but less.” People like Vincent have sleep scores that remain high because the sleep is deeper, but the overall time spent sleeping is less. While it can be tricky to maintain an optimal sleep environment during summer, check out what sleep doctor Professor Escourrou has to say about optimizing your nights.

Question 5: Do you have any advice for people who can’t motivate themselves during summer?

Many members of the Withings community find their summer motivation in weight control. They rely on summer activities to limit weight gain from frequent barbecues and drinks with friends but also to prepare for winter. Adeline says, “Outdoor activity is good for the body, but especially for the morale, to fill up with brightness before the fall!”

If you need a little extra help, Julien and François invite you to motivate yourself among friends. “Try to have someone accompany you, or join a group… and of course, use a Withings tracker to motivate you,” says Julien. And if the people around you aren’t interested in activity, do like Laurence and join the Withings community on Facebook to share your progress. All of the members will be delighted to encourage you, like Dominique, who advises setting achievable, short-term goals in order to progress smoothly and develop good habits without rushing into anything on a daily basis, or Alex, for whom the important thing is to “listen to yourself, let go and take pleasure in what you do.”

So, do what you love, or try something new to make sure you make the most of your activity this summer.