You can now connect your Withings account to MyFitnessPal

Today we are proud to announce that MyFitnessPal, one of the most popular free apps, downloaded more than 30 million times, is partnering with Withings to create a new synergy and constitute a powerful new tool to manage your fitness. This is good news as wholeheartedly wishing to lose weight is not always enough. MyFitnessPal offers free website and mobile apps to count calories through food tracking, as well as other features. Just as Withings has made weight tracking easy and fun, MyFitnessPal has made calorie counting a breeze. Take advantage now of this partnership! If you are already a MyFitnessPal user, you can click here and link your account. If you’re not familiar with this app, here’s a run through.

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The best fitness apps to help you get in shape before summer!

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get in shape for the holidays! If you have a busy schedule and you prefer working out on your own, why not turn your smartphone into your personal trainer? We have picked here the best fitness apps to help you achieve your goals!
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Apps for keeping your New Year’s resolutions

Are you having a hard time sticking to your New Year’s resolutions? Many of us make resolutions every year that we swear keeping, but after a couple of weeks we fall back into the same old routines. Here are some apps that can help you stick to those resolutions, whether it’s getting fit, eating healthier, or losing weight. Read more

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Connected health monthly mash-up #3

Why do we tweet our weight and workouts?
A couple of weeks ago, HL7 Standards brought an interview with Ted Vickey, who is conducting a social fitness research to find out why people tweet their weight and workouts. During the last 6 months, Vickey has collected an astounding 4.5 million tweets automatically tweeted from mobile fitness apps, such as Withings, RunKeeper, and Endomondo. According to Vickey, sharing this data could be the solution to obesity problems. His research shows that the reason for this is that when your social network can see your endeavours, they hold you accountable and motivate you. An example is the function in the Nike+ app, which launches an audible cheer when your Facebook friends like your activity while you are running. Read more

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Social media’s impact on healthcare

As previously mentioned here on the blog, social media has become a big part of healthcare today, and communities have been created for healthcare professionals and patients. Recently, we’ve been blogging and tweeting about some of the innovative and revolutionary products start-ups have presented at the Launch! Sessions of the Health 2.0 conferences around the world. Many of these new tools and devices have one thing in common: They’re social. Read more

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Health gaming

We are all always full of good intentions for our health and keep making promises to ourselves like “next week I’ll start jogging” or “in a few days, I’ll start a diet”, but we often lack the motivation to keep these promises.
Turning all these good intentions into action can be accomplished through gaming. In fact, gaming can encourage people to make healthy decisions and reinforce positive behaviour, as it increases motivation and helps people better understand their health. Read more

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